If you are looking for a consultation service to assist you in making Singapore PR Application, we are the best. We take pride in offering the best and most comprehensive services to clients looking forward to settler in Singapore as permanent residents. Below are some of the major services that we offer to clients making PR application.

PR Singapore

Professional consultation

Most of the people who make PR applications in Singapore fail because they do not have understanding of how ICA screens the applications. We ensure that we enlighten our clients about how the screening process is done. In addition, we help the clients know how they can enhance the chances of having their applications approved. This reduces the chances of your application failing.

Provide audited Form 4A

Another great mistake that many people make is to fill the Form 4A with their handwriting which might be hard to read and eventually have their application rejected. Other mistakes people make include writing only their job positions without showing the responsibilities they played in the form. Our experts carry out audit of the Form 4A to ensure that it does not contain any mistakes that might lead to rejections. Our experts ensure that all the forms are typewritten, so that they appear professional and formal. We guide our clients on how to fill the form in the most professional manner to enhance their success of getting the permanent residency in the country.

Correction in compilation of documents

Compilation of documents is one of the most complex processes when making Singapore PR Application. We understand this and this is why we help our clients in compiling the documents correctly. We ensure that there is no mix up of documents such as statement of account and notice of assessment of their tax documents which leads to rejection of the application. We also assist in translation of non English documents into English which is a major requirement for any application to be accepted. Our experts help in preparing and checking all the documents and forms to ensure they comply with the laid down standards.

Write personalized cover letter

One of the factors that lead to acceptance of your PR application in Singapore is have a well detailed personal cover letter. We help our clients write down professional cover letter that show their level of professionalism. We do this because there is no personal interview, so the letter has to tell all about you. We help write a letter that well makes you have a competitive edge over other applicants. The letter we write is not similar to the one you write for your job application. We help you write a letter that fully demonstrates what you can do to the country.

Accelerate E appointment

You should expect to get the earliest e Appointment with the ICA after eight months. Our experts will do everything possible to ensure that you get the e appointment with the ICA as early as possible. This is something that you might not be able to do when you make the Singapore PR Application by yourself.